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Feed the Fire Digital Release

NewsPosted by Guilt Trip 24 Mar, 2012 13:00:11
Guilt Trip - Feed the Fire is now up as a digital release on
There you can prelisten to the album and after doing so you can download your very own digital copy in pretty much any format you like.


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Feed the Fire - Remixers Gone Haywire!

NewsPosted by Guilt Trip 14 Mar, 2012 17:49:58
Guilt Trip - Feed the Fire + Bonusdisc containing 10 very special remixes where we've let the remixer's run haywire on our songs!

Just follow the link below to get your copy!

The special bonusdisc is packed with remixes of songs from the album by a diverse and awesome collection of noisemakers and bands. On the disc you will find Chris P of Ticket to Wonderland, producer of Run Level Zero and Cat Rapes Dog, Jocke Skog of Clawfinger who also has made several remixes for Rammstein and Die Krupps, Fredrik Larsson of mortal memories, Sir N who is the mind behind acts like Awful Death, Howler and Aktion Atopos, Kuba Avenarius of the Polish electro-industrial act Synchropath, J.Strauss of Morlocks and Strauss ex Machina and collaborator with KMFDM, Fredrik Djurfeldt - Severe Illusion, Fredrik Arsaeus Nauckhoff a.k.a Registry and last but not least two remixes reinterpreted by the Guilt Trip members themselves.

Listen to the excerpts from the bonusdisc here:


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Guilt Trip a.k.a. Chirurgie Esthetique

NewsPosted by Guilt Trip 14 Mar, 2012 02:58:04

Remember the 80's and the beginnings of the 90's?

Well, Guilt Trip were making noises those days under another shroud, namely Chirurgie Esthetique!

On the 28'th of April You will get the opportunity to hear the tunes from those golden times!

Guilt Trip will dig deep into their archives to get you a glimpse of their former self as Chirurgie Esthetique. Unfortunately the old playbacks are in very bad shape, luckily we have our MIDI files to extract the songs from and are in the middle of the process of restoring some of the material from the time.

Be sure not to miss this one, it's going to be a blast from the past with some great Swedish Electronic and Goth Acts performing at the same party!!!


Malmö 28/4 - 2012

Etage Neun
Mortal Memories
Dawn of Oblivion
Dark Side Cowboys
Chirurgie Esthetique
+ 2 Non Disclosed Acts

Bring your friends & go to Malmö!



Piece Love & Guilt Trip!

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Get the Bonus CD - pre:Order "Feed The Fire"

NewsPosted by Guilt Trip 08 Mar, 2012 16:14:57
Guilt Trip - Feed the Fire - Complete Control Productions [CCPCD006]

Preorder your copy and you will get the CD together with a limited bonus CD packed with remixes, delivered to you on the release date. More information about the bonus disc will be posted soon.

The bonus CD will only be made for all of you who choose to preorder this release.

Releasedate is March 23


While You are waiting you can both listen to and BUY the precursor single to "Feed the Fire" called "Inanimate" check it out HERE or click the image...

Once you get Numb? by constantly listening to the Singletracks you might want to check out our labelmates HERE...

Piece Love & Guilt Trip!

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