Guilt Trip

Guilt Trip


LyricsPosted by Guilt Trip 01 Mar, 2015 13:20:34
Contradiction and resistance
disassociate your thoughts
there's no common horizon
find a cure for history

festering inside
an inner mental genocide

intersect ideas inflate your will
fight all policies and beliefs
find your own horizon
situate it in between

anger externalised
deny the fire in the mind

festering inside
an inner mental genocide
anger externalised
deny the fire in the mind

festering inside
an inner mental genocide
anger externalised
deny the fire in the mind

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Eternal Return

LyricsPosted by Guilt Trip 01 Mar, 2015 13:19:55
Lying face down
face down in the mud
a putrid stench
licking off the puss
from off the skin
burn version diversion
a slight abbreviation

the pit is the whole
it's easy to absolve
stitching an itch
let the claws rip
tear of the skin
distortion extortion
a burning sensation

can't be denied although we tried
there is no true meaning
all based on lies it glorifies
but there's no redemption

a coin in the well
wishing for the will
fretting at sin
teeth and nail and claw
bite through the skin
perversion liberation
a cunning instigation

bringing it down
down to the ground
take it back
burning on the wrack
blistering skin
destruction construction
freedom in fornication

can't be denied although we tried
there is no true meaning
all based on lies it glorifies
but there's no redemption

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LyricsPosted by Guilt Trip 01 Mar, 2015 13:18:49

What is this?
I'm falling down this pit reaching for the smallest branch to hold me up
My request nie wieder krieg
yet soils are watered with blood from our hands
machines machines and hands flowing blood
waters seeds growing up to start again
over and over and over

waiting for a better life live denying bigger lie smile

Israel Palestine blood on your hands like jewish om their hands
salaam shalom fraternicide really and yet the fires burn
give us something to believe in give them something to live for
Oh iIsrael democratically deficiancy Sions dream is make believe
the red white black and green agreed not so sweet

waiting for a better life live wishing on a brighter star to shine

we see this world and we want to renounce us our humanity no longer human we will dance on our own graves

waiting for a better life live longing for some loving arms to love
waitnig for a better life live hoping for a quicker change to come

racial interracial aren't we a human race embrace your brother and give it life
let's stop the tears drip drip
inanimate I atare unfair judging from way over here
limb from limb we seek our own destruction
when satisfaction is murder
Inanimate I stare.

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LyricsPosted by Guilt Trip 01 Mar, 2015 13:16:22
Wretched pasted intestinal
colonial colon cleansing
Combined the lust lost no
diligence reify the deity

Struck out at the waning
wandering witless wanting worms
Sinking the thinking titan
drowning in drool and bloated gloating

Claw at its eye
Stop your bleating
Oh how it lies
time to lash out

Perversion diversion so slightly
abbreviation the pit is the whole
Whore-ify and simplify addictive
contradiction all similitude

Stupefy reiterate castrate
don’t just recreate
no artificial additive no flavour
just a howl and a blade a blade so sharp

Claw at its eye
Stop your bleating
Oh how it lies
time to lash out

Calling a thousand beggars
blood-letting the beast breathe
Fresh from servitude no longer
submissive feasting on freedom

rip the flesh from bone
slobber in its arteries
Resist react and reach for the neck
break it and loosen the bondage

Claw at its eye
Stop your bleating
Oh how it lies
time to lash out

Claw at its eye
Stop your bleating
Oh how it lies
time to lash out

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LyricsPosted by Guilt Trip 01 Mar, 2015 13:14:18
Give me strength give me life and give me reason
I protest this murderous season
raise your voice and I will kick you in the eye
with my hands around your neck you find it hard to deny that

it is mine and
not yours and
you should know to keep your fingers to yourself
I swear that
my liberation
will come with your head upon a plate

gave me lies gave me sin and desperation
I defy your grip on all the nations
your god is weak yes I do declare it dead
so keep your hands off off our lives before I kick you in the head

feed it fire feed it guns and revolution
subversive violence it’s a desperate solution
we slit the throats of the fucking bourgeoisie
time for the have nots to enjoy the scenery

it is mine and
not yours and
you should know to keep your fingers to yourself
I swear that
my liberation
will come with your head upon a plate

fed us worms fed us mouldy bread and water
treated us like we were lambs for the slaughter
see us now yes united here we stand
running for your life but you won’t find a place to land

it is mine and
not yours and
you should know to keep your fingers to yourself
I swear that
my liberation
will come with your head upon a plate

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Deutsche Alternative Charts

NewsPosted by Guilt Trip 20 Jan, 2015 01:37:51
We'll let the image speak for it self....

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Guilt Trip - online listening

InfoPosted by Guilt Trip 16 Sep, 2014 21:33:33

Free album Downloads:


On Bandcamp:

Feed The Fire:

Various - EBM Addiction 10,000 vol1:

On Spotify:


Feed The Fire - Remixed:
Various - Inside the Volcano vol.1:

Blank Faces - Exit Me:

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This winter...

NewsPosted by Guilt Trip 16 Sep, 2014 20:52:23
By now the press-releases should be out and we can disclose our new label that we've signed a record-deal with.
We're very happy to anounce our new embarkment with the EK Product ship!
We set sail this winter with a brand new album called Braptism.

Guilt Trip are back, newly braptised, born-again. Guilt Trip, fierce and unrelenting in their critique of sheepish sleepwalking and internalised norms, the self policing psyche. Musically drowning your senses, never pleased with just pleasing the hoi polloi; lyrically urging you off the deep end, to think, react and resist. What at times may seem like a defeatist attitude is really an appeal for action. Rooted in North American and European electronic industrial they still follow their own path, strewn with thorns and paved with a mosaic of influences. Look closely then take a step back to get the whole picture. Get ready for the Braptism! Submerge yourself and become a disciple. But remember: Disciples of Guilt Trip do not follow, they lead.

Guilt Trip on EK Product

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The new album is on it's way to completion

NewsPosted by Guilt Trip 19 Jul, 2014 15:29:01
It took us some time, but finally we have a new production ready for release consideration. Work has started on the graphical side, and pre-production copies of the release have been sent to key persons.
The productions spine is as Guilt Trip as ever albeit it is also a bit more experimental in respect to the types of songs that make out the album. There sure will be something for everyone on this one.

Piece Love & Guilt Trip

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NewsPosted by Guilt Trip 05 Oct, 2013 14:02:30
Be ready for some Electro-Industrial mayhem for on the 1'st of November we're going on a Guilt Trip to Gothenburg and will hit the stage at Valand together with EBM-mauraders Batch ID!

Valand Nattklubb, Vasagatan 41

Live på scen:
Batch ID (Göteborg)
Guilt Trip (Sthlm)

Quiztävling med fin fina priser.

Label page:

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One Week Left...

NewsPosted by Guilt Trip 23 Feb, 2013 12:22:19

Next saturday Stockholm will be invaded by the legendary Psyche with an entourage of some of Swedens Electro Elite. Guilt Trip will be opening the whole shabang this night!

Don't miss it!

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Laying an Easter Egg

NewsPosted by Guilt Trip 14 Feb, 2013 00:03:42


Zapraszam serdecznie na czwartą już edycję imprezy Roentgen Factory!

Tym razem RF ma dla Was nie tylko sety zza Djki! Oto, czego możecie się spodziewać na nadchodzącej edycji:

>>>> Występ kapeli Guilt Trip (Szwecja)!
Gatunek: industrial electro rock
Zespół występował na Castle Party 2012. Zapraszam na ich stronę:

>>>> Na scenie pojawi się również Sabes, znany trójmiejskim miłośnikom noise'u i industialu. Chyba nie muszę reklamować tego wykonawcy:)
Gatunek: industrial noise techno

Miejsce: Wydział Remontowy (ul. Doki 1)
Wjazd: 10 zł ( w cenę wliczone jest piwo! )

Na wstępie każdy otrzyma kupon, który wymienić można na piwo w barze.
W związku z występami zespołów, nie mogę pozostać przy symbolicznej 5ce za wejście. Mam nadzieję, że będziecie wyrozumiali:)

Oczywiście nie zabraknie różnorodnych brzmień zza DJki!
Zapraszajcie znajomych, im nas więcej, tym lepiej!

See ya in hell!

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Guilt Trip is on!

NewsPosted by Guilt Trip 10 Feb, 2013 12:43:18
2013 starts off with a very fine release of a song that will live it's very own life on the side. The song is called "Tear The Script" and has been released on the Facebook group EBM Addiction's new compilation named "EBM ADDICTION 10,000"

Apart from our own song, have a listen to some new favourite tracks on it here:

11 - The Aural Alchemist - Psalm Of The Psychonaut
15 - Black Sheep Screaming - Strangling The White Swan
18 - Third Realm - Diabolic Crush
19 - One-Car Suicide - The New Surrealists [Andalusian Remix]

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NewsPosted by Guilt Trip 06 Nov, 2012 19:21:01

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Coming Liveshows

TourdatesPosted by Guilt Trip 06 Nov, 2012 00:35:04

2015-12-12 electriXmas, Malmö, Sweden

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Halloweenshow @ Det Svarta Staketet

NewsPosted by Guilt Trip 24 Oct, 2012 18:47:44
Don't miss Guilt Trip's Halloween show at one of Swedens most resilliant alternative clubs all-time, Det Svarta Staketet in Uppsala, Sweden, this Friday!

Special Halloween merchandise discounts will be on offer this evening, so make sure you bring some extra cash this evening!

Info in Swedish:

Det Svarta Staketet, Uppsalas Synthförening


SuperdMz med Halloweentema och Guilt Trip live på scen

Bort med hatten och sätt en fladdermus i håret istället! Låt bli att borsta av spindelväven från uniformen längst in i garderoben! Öva på ditt läskigaste Jack-o’-lanternflin och skräm slag på våra DJs! Kom och se till att detta blir världens coolaste Halloweenfest! :D


Fredag den 26 Oktober 2012

Orange, Uppsala

Vi öppnar kl 21 och har öppet till kl 03.

Inträde 60:- (Gratis inträde innan kl 22)

dansant synth/goth/alternative spelas av våra fantastiska DJs

Facebook Event:

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Stockholm (Swedish only)

NewsPosted by Guilt Trip 01 Sep, 2012 14:31:57
Metal och synth på samma tillställning?!
För 20 år sedan hade det blivit blodiga slagsmål, lemlästade och torterade kroppar och krossade skallar på en sådan fest.
Men idag korsar metal och synth väg med varandra.
Detta är en chans för aggrosyntharna och metalskallarna
att enas under en rådistad kväll då vi presenterar Stockholm absolut bästa band inom de två genrerna Industrial Metal och Electro/EBM.

har under flera år byggt upp ett säkert namn inom Industrial-Electro-Rock genren.
Här finner du kraftfulla beats och vansinniga maskiner programmerat med insiktsfullt sinne för sväng och kontrolerat kaos i en mörk, kall, isolerad ljudmiljö.
GT släppte just albumet "Feed The Fire" som är deras starkaste hittills och de är ett band som levererar lika bra på scen som i studion.

är för de flesta ett välkänt namn för synthrock/EBM/Electro fansen.
Bandet beskriver sej själv som den felande länken mellan punk, house och EBM och har byggt upp ett rykte om sej att vara ett mycket intensivt liveband med en hård attityd och stark karisma.
TPM släppte just sitt nya album "Restart" som snabbt har fått ett mycket bra mottagande.

är ett av Sveriges få industri-metalband och består av medlemmar från The Resistance, Face Down, NIL, Sexy Death och Construcdead.
MMA har just levererat debutalbumet "Bring The Violence".
Deras videos, Never Again och Drawing Flies, har snabbt fått tusentals plays och namnet Mass Murder Agenda sprider sej som en löpeld över Sverige.
MMA är bandet som verkligen VÅGAR ta ut svängarna när det gäller det visuella.
Bandet hymlar inte med att en show, när det gäller metal, är minst lika viktig som musiken själv.

släppte i April det kritikerrosade albumet "Lean Back, Relax and Watch The World Burn".
Sedan bandet bidrog med två videos till PS3 / X-Box 360 spelet The Darkness har de varit ute på vägarna med band som Corroded, Deathstars, Raubtier, Engel, Mortiis m.fl
och gör nu headlinespelningar på bl.a Bring Out The Dead Fest och Halloweenkryssningnen Rockbitch Boat, Sthlm/Riga.
Som liveband kan en av Nordens största rock/metaltidningar, Close-Up Magazine, garantera en upplevelse då de gav bandet 9/10 i betyg för deras liveframträdande.
"Med en intensitet som skulle skrämma slag på självaste Lemmy.
Sällan hör man metal mer kraftfull och genuint elak. // Close-Up Magazine"

öppet 20:00-sent
18 årsgräns
förköp: 100kr+ ev service avgift
dörren: 120kr
biljetter finns att köpa på


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Guilt Trip Invades the Castle Party 2012

NewsPosted by Guilt Trip 03 Jun, 2012 18:32:54
This year Guilt Trip invades the classic gothic/industrial/alternative festival Castle Party, held in Bolków, Poland. We will take the stage in the classic club Hacjenda on the 26'th of July sometime during the evening, more details will follow shortly.

Are you from Sweden and want to visit one of the very best alternative festivals in Europe? Do join the Swedish Invasion Force for more details!

RSVP to the facebookevent here!

See You There!!!

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A couple of new reviews... ...and then some...

NewsPosted by Guilt Trip 25 May, 2012 09:57:13
...Some more reviews of Guilt Trip - Feed The Fire are in!!!
Really nice to read so many positive words about our project...





We hope you haven't missed that we also are being played on radio around the world and that we belong to the favourites among some of the RJ's?

DARK HORIZONS RADIO (USA) - Top 5 Artists in April 2012

ELECTRAUMISME (FRANCE) - #2 at the TOP 10 Albums in both March and April 2012

ALE MUZYKA (POLAND) - #19 at the TOP 100 List and climbing

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½ Guilt Trip in Man Machine Industrys new KILLER Video!

NewsPosted by Guilt Trip 30 Apr, 2012 02:46:42
Time for a revamp of Killing Jokes classic Eighties remade by our friends and collaborators in Industrial Metal band Man Machine Industry feat. Jens Westin (Corroded) and Yours truly K.Lindberg from Guilt Trip in a somewhat suiting role... ...IT'S A KILLER!!!

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