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Guilt Trip

Credits where Credits are due...

ReleasesPosted by Guilt Trip 27 Mar, 2012 16:41:22

It came to our attention that the Feed the Fire Bonus Disc was missing some credits, we apologize for that so here goes; credits where credits are due:

1 - The Bright Side of Lies (Registry Remix)
: by Fredrik Arsaeus Nauckhoff - Registry

2 - Breathe (Chris P Remix) : by Kristian Pettersson - Ticket to Wonderland, Mindpop, Scene of ritual, Shape Shifter

3 - Fragments (Sir N Remix) : by Sören Jensen - Awful Death, Howler, Aktion Atopos

4 - Eternal Return (Severe Illusion Remix) : by Fredrik Djurfeldt - Severe Illusion

5 - Inanimate (Reanimate by Mortal Memories)
: by Fredrik Larsson - Mortal Memories, Fredriktap

6 - Crack Up (Morlocks Crack Down) : by Johan Fridh & Andreas Wandegren - Morlocks, Strauss ex Machina

7 - Life Spit Love (Decomposed by Synchropath) : by Jakub Avenarius - Synchropath

8 - Once a Week Twice a Day (Leonid Remix by MaNi) : by Magnus Nilsson - MaNi, Guilt Trip

9 - Reset (Your Mind Mix by X!LE) : by Karl Lindberg - X!LE, Guilt Trip

10 - Headplate (Mayhem Mix by Jocke Skog) : by Jocke Skog - Clawfinger

We are very very happy with all of your remixes guys, they're all awesome!!!

Piece Love & Guilt Trip!

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