Guilt Trip

Guilt Trip


LyricsPosted by Guilt Trip 01 Mar, 2015 13:18:49

What is this?
I'm falling down this pit reaching for the smallest branch to hold me up
My request nie wieder krieg
yet soils are watered with blood from our hands
machines machines and hands flowing blood
waters seeds growing up to start again
over and over and over

waiting for a better life live denying bigger lie smile

Israel Palestine blood on your hands like jewish om their hands
salaam shalom fraternicide really and yet the fires burn
give us something to believe in give them something to live for
Oh iIsrael democratically deficiancy Sions dream is make believe
the red white black and green agreed not so sweet

waiting for a better life live wishing on a brighter star to shine

we see this world and we want to renounce us our humanity no longer human we will dance on our own graves

waiting for a better life live longing for some loving arms to love
waitnig for a better life live hoping for a quicker change to come

racial interracial aren't we a human race embrace your brother and give it life
let's stop the tears drip drip
inanimate I atare unfair judging from way over here
limb from limb we seek our own destruction
when satisfaction is murder
Inanimate I stare.

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