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Guilt Trip

Guilt Trip a.k.a. Chirurgie Esthetique

NewsPosted by Guilt Trip 14 Mar, 2012 02:58:04

Remember the 80's and the beginnings of the 90's?

Well, Guilt Trip were making noises those days under another shroud, namely Chirurgie Esthetique!

On the 28'th of April You will get the opportunity to hear the tunes from those golden times!

Guilt Trip will dig deep into their archives to get you a glimpse of their former self as Chirurgie Esthetique. Unfortunately the old playbacks are in very bad shape, luckily we have our MIDI files to extract the songs from and are in the middle of the process of restoring some of the material from the time.

Be sure not to miss this one, it's going to be a blast from the past with some great Swedish Electronic and Goth Acts performing at the same party!!!


Malmö 28/4 - 2012

Etage Neun
Mortal Memories
Dawn of Oblivion
Dark Side Cowboys
Chirurgie Esthetique
+ 2 Non Disclosed Acts

Bring your friends & go to Malmö!



Piece Love & Guilt Trip!

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